Adopt-a-Library Program

Each year, the BC Book Prizes sends several finalist authors on tour around the province. As part of BC Book Prizes On Tour, these authors tour communities visiting one elementary school and one high school in each community, as well reading at a public event in a local bookstore or library (with book sales).

In its fledgling year (2007), the Adopt-a-Library program confirmed six sponsors supporting eight schools for a total of $4,000. To date, we have raised a combined total of $80,000 worth of books for schools in communities across BC.

With this contribution, elementary and secondary schools across BC are exposed to the best of literary arts within their own province. This is a great opportunity to provide a valuable resource and source of inspiration for a young and growing generation of the province’s youth.

Margaret Olmstead of Bulkley Valley Credit Union with Teacher Librarian, Teresa Monkman of Smithers Secondary School, and Bryan Pike (Smithers, 2007)

Mike Berg from Columbia Basin Trust with Donation to Redfish Elementary (Nelson, 2008)

As a School Sponsor ($500 per school) of the Adopt-A-Library program you would be recognized in the following ways:

  • You will be invited to present the library of books to the school(s) you have adopted
  • Your name will be on a book plate in each book donated to your adopted school(s) that reads, “Donated by [Your Name Here]”
  • You will receive name recognition on the BC Book Prizes website

Thanks to all for helping to bring the best of BC writing and publishing to the next generation of readers and authors.

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