Frequent, small loads of laundry

Rhonda Ganz
Publisher: Mother Tongue Publishing

Book Description

In her debut collection, poet Rhonda Ganz brazenly mixes darks with lights and dares to peg out the quirky and bizarre, both real and imagined, with all seams showing. From spontaneous combustion to suicide, from pterodactyls to pumpkin pie, Ganz is obsessed with the way people behave in moments of intimacy and domesticity. With her sharp wit and painterly abstractions, she pairs the banal with the absurd to expose the flaws of love—the frayed edges of belief and despair. Strung up, these poems are an authentic clothesline of hearsay, fabrication, doomsaying, and half-truths. Ganz takes the ordinary, gives it a poke and a spin, and snaps it out to dry.

Author Bio

Rhonda Ganz was born in Kenya. She lives in Victoria, BC, where she works as a graphic designer and editor.