Gently to Nagasaki

By Joy Kogawa
Publisher: Caitlin Press

Book Description

Gently to Nagasaki is a spiritual pilgrimage, an exploration both communal and intensely personal. Kogawa knows what it means to be classified as the enemy, and she seeks urgently to get beyond the “us” and “them” division. Interweaving her own life with catastrophes like the bombing of Nagasaki and the massacre by the Imperial Japanese Army at Nanking, she wrestles with essential questions like good and evil, love and hate, rage and forgiveness, determined above all to arrive at her own truths.

Author Bio

Joy Kogawa is best known for her seminal novel on Japanese-Canadian internment, Obasan. She is the award-winning author of three novels, seven collections of poetry, and two books for children. In 2010, the Japanese government honoured her with the Order of the Rising Sun.