Niagara Motel

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By Ashley Little
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Book Description

Eleven-year-old Tucker Malone is the only child of a narcoleptic touring stripper who believes his father is Sam Malone from Cheers. He and his mother move from motel to motel until, one night in Niagara Falls, his mother is hit by a car after falling asleep in the street. Tucker is sent to live in a youth group home where he meets Meredith, a pregnant sixteen-year-old with more than her fair share of family problems. They bond over slurpees and a shared love for literature and he convinces her to “borrow” a car to go to Boston to find his father.

Author Bio

Ashley Little’s Anatomy of a Girl Gang won the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, was shortlisted for the Vancouver Book Award, and was longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.