Sodom Road Exit

Amber Dawn
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Book Description

It’s the summer of 1990, and Crystal Beach in Ontario has lost its beloved, amusement park, leaving the lakeside village a virtual ghost town. It is back to this fallen community Starla Mia Martin must return to live with her overbearing mother after dropping out of university. But an economic downturn, mother-daughter drama, and Generation X disillusionment soon prove to be the least of Starla’s troubles: a mysterious force begins to dog Starla; inexplicable sounds in the night and unimaginable sights spotted on the periphery. Soon enough, Starla must confront the unresolved traumas that haunt Crystal Beach.

Author Bio

Amber Dawn is the author of the novels Sodom Road Exit and Sub Rosathe Vancouver Book Award-winning memoir  How Poetry Saved My Life, and Where the words end and my body begins.