The Rahtrum Chronicles: The Dream

by R.K. McLay
Publisher: Fifth House Publishers

Book Description

The Rahtrum Chronicles tell the story of a peculiar young Caribou that is chosen by Rahtrum, the Binder, to set forth on a heroic journey to awaken the Cargoth (human beings) to their true place in nature and the World. The beautiful and dangerous north unfurls as Bou follows an age-old migration route in search of the Breschuvine. Only after finding the Breschuvine does he learn the shocking reason he has been chosen by Rahtrum; and that for himself, his friends, and his enemies, the greatest of all journeys has only just begun.

Author Bio

R.K. McLay is last generation Metis (Ojibwe heritage). In order to write The Dream, he travelled north of the Arctic Circle to witness in person the migration of tens of thousands of Caribou.