Trickster Drift

Eden Robinson
Publisher: Knopf Canada

Book Description

In an effort to keep all forms of magic at bay, Jared, 17, has quit drugs and drinking. But his troubles are not over: now he’s being stalked by David, his mom’s ex–a preppy, khaki-wearing psycho And his mother, Maggie, a living, breathing badass, can’t protect him because he’s moved away from Kitimat to Vancouver for school. As the son of a Trickster, Jared is a magnet for magic. When the David situation becomes a crisis, Jared can’t ignore his true nature any longer. This is the second book in the Trickster trilogy.

Author Bio

Eden Robinson has matriarchal tendencies. Doesn’t have a pressure cooker, but knows how to jar salmon. Her smoked salmon will not likely kill you. Be warned, she writes novels and tends to be cranky when interrupted.