What to Bring

Lorna Schultz Nicholson, illustrated by Ellen Rooney
Publisher: OwlKids


Book Description

A moving story about making tough choices when disaster strikes

Malia and her family are spending a day outside when they notice something strange. Huge white-and-gray clouds fill the sky, planes zoom overhead, and the air smells funny. A forest fire is sweeping the area, and they need to evacuate their home.

Daddy tells Malia that she needs to choose what to bring. “Pick small things. Things important to you,” he says. But there’s so much that Malia wants to take with her! Her pillows and blankets. Her family of teddy bears. LOTS of books. As the pile in her room grows, and chaos swirls around her, Malia comes to realize that what is most important to her won’t fit in a backpack: her little brother, her cat, and her dog.

This heartfelt and powerful story explores a rare perspective: experiencing a natural disaster through the eyes of a child. Malia’s authentic voice will resonate with readers, and the book’s challenging subject matter is balanced with gentle lessons in communication, problem-solving, and family.

Author Bio

Lorna Schultz Nicholson is the author of several picture books, middle-grade fiction, YA fiction, and non-fiction hockey books. Her books have been nominated for the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading Red Maple and Yellow Cedar Awards, the MYRCA Award, the Alberta Literary Award, and the Saskatchewan Willow Awards. She is a frequent presenter at schools, writing workshops, and conferences. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Illustrator Bio

Ellen Rooney is a children’s book illustrator whose books include the critically acclaimed Her Fearless Run and Grandmother School. Ellen lives in the southern Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, where hot, dry summers bring tourists, peaches, swims in the lake, and the threat of wildfire. The uniquely beautiful landscape inspired the setting for this book.