Where It Hurts

Sarah de Leeuw
Publisher: NeWest Press

Book Description

Where It Hurts is a highly charged collection of personal essays, haunted by loss, evoking turbulent physical and emotional Canadian landscapes. Sarah de Leeuw’s creative non-fiction captures strange inconsistencies and aberrations of human behaviour, urging us to be observant and aware. The essays are wide in scope and expose what—and who—goes missing. With staggering insight, Sarah de Leeuw reflects on missing geographies and people, including missing women, both those she has known and those whom she will never get to know. The writing is courageously focused, juxtaposing places and things that can be touched and known—emotionally, physically, psychologically—with what has become intangible, unnoticed, or actively ignored.

Author Bio

Sarah de Leeuw‘s Geographies of a Lover won the 2013 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. She also received the 2008 CBC Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction for Columbus Burning.